Results Focused Methods

Maintaining the highest standards of professionalism, we produce results that make a difference. Our wide range of services can be tailored to fit the needs of our clients. Through personalized consultation, as well as survey tools, we assess and confirm our client’s needs, working closely with them to tailor specific methods that address those needs. We conduct capacity assessments to detect necessary steps to strengthen the organizational infrastructure: governance, management, programs and resources. Together with staff and/or board leaders, we identify areas for growth and development, plotting steps to improve capacity and elevate to higher levels of performance. In addition to assessment and consultation, JRG conducts training workshops, facilitates retreats, and assists in board and fund development. Our staff and associates provide supportive coaching and technical assistance in managing policy campaigns, leadership development and policy advocacy. We also serve as thought partners in the concept and design of new multimillion dollar initiatives.

Capacity Building

JRG assesses internal strengths and weaknesses of clients- creating strategies for improving the core competencies to enhance their ability to work toward their mission. Through workshops and trainings, we provide the tools and information needed for organizations to be most effective as they strive to make positive social changes in their service areas.

Fund Development Planning

With its wealth of experience and contacts, JRG helps their clients cultivate relationships and provides useful information to increase their funding sources. Getting grants is not based on chance. We help nonprofits learn negotiation, problem solving and strategic project design skills to help their organization stand out in a competitive funding market.

Information Technology

JRG provides technical assessment and digital media marketing through web and mobile deployment, social media development and company branding. Utilizing current technologies, JRG is able to provide viable, scalable and effective web designs, corporate blogs, advertising and media presentations for various applications throughout your organization.

Organizational/Leadership Development

We work closely with organization leadership to help identify the obstacles that may hinder them from reaching goals and guide them through the necessary changes. This may be a change of leadership, attitudes, values or structure to improve the overall effectiveness of an organization. Our services improve organizational performance by creating an environment where staffers feel comfortable sharing their ideas, individuals take greater responsibility for their actions as team members and the staff – as a whole – discovers new ways to work together to reach shared organizational goals.

Project Design and Management

Together with our client, we identify the focus of the work, inform it with best practices and help align it with the organization’s long-term vision. We assist in creating or refining a logic model and/or theory of change that spell out relationships between program strategies and intended results. Through market analysis and other strategies, we help produce project designs that cover all the bases and integrate evaluative inquiry, so that our clients will meet and exceed their goals. JRG is also an experienced intermediary, working closely with foundation clients to effectively manage complex community initiatives.

Public Relations & Messaging

JRG works with clients to clarify key messages, identify target audiences, and break down complex ideas for mass consumption. Using experiences in public relations and social marketing research we craft strategic messages to maximize the impact on our target audiences, whether they come from philanthropy, academia, or the community at large. We also work to pair traditional media strategies with cutting-edge social media technology to help organizations strengthen their communications, both internally and with external stakeholders.

Strategic Planning

We help nonprofits produce short- and long-term plans that focus on their mission, effectively articulate what they want to accomplish and identify evaluation frameworks that determine whether the desired change was achieved. To do this, we use a variety of techniques to gather and analyze information from various stakeholders, including clients, competitors, policymakers, community leaders and residents. Also, in partnership with our clients, JRG assists in shaping and implementing a system where organization staff will be able to identify and address evolving needs or challenges as they arise.

Technical Assistance and Trainings

JRG helps our clients overcome challenges by assessing needs, identifying the weaknesses and mitigating them. Whether it’s marketing, technology-based tools, conference/event planning, or internal communication strategies, Jemmott Rollins Group can help.